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New! Tonies at Turtle Town!

Turtle Town is excited to announce we now carry Tonies! Tonies are audio boxes and characters that play music and stories targeted for children from infants to nine year olds (although the manufacturer claims a choking hazard for under 3).  Think of the audio box as a record player and the Tony, or character, as the record.  But that’s where the resemblance ends.


The audio box is a wonderful, simple-to-use box that looks a bit like a cat.  The Tonies are characters from children’s programming, such as Toy Story, Spider Man, Frozen, Peppa Pig, Curious George, Mickey Mouse and on and on.  Each Tony plays different songs and stories somewhat related to the character.  To play, simply put the character on the Tony box.  To turn it off, simply remove.  Increase the volume? Wiggle the cat’s ear.  It is so simple, even a grandparent can play it easily.  Small children of course learn how to use it instantaneously and will immediately show you what you’re doing wrong.


Tonies also come as Create Your Own.  Grandma can record herself reading a favorite bedtime story for the child to play each night, or music that is special for the two of them.  Tonies also come totally devoted to lullabies, and there’s even one featuring classical music.  Bedtime with a Tony can be less of a struggle for tired moms and dads.


Although the audio box is a bit of an investment, children in a family can share the box but each have their own Tonies.  And here’s the best news of all—children LOVE Tonies!  Imagine getting a Tony box for a newborn and collecting Tonies throughout their childhood years.  What a great investment in their learning stories and songs.  Buy a book to go with a Tony and the child can follow along! Put affordable Tony characters on your Christmas list for gifts they are sure to love.


Intrigued? Come to Turtle Town and let us show you the magic of Tonies. How many toys can bring your child years of happiness and wonderful memories?

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About Turtle Town Books & Gifts

Turtle Town is a truly unique stop in Nisswa. Not only do we offer thousands of books, games, gifts, and toys, our goal is to offer the highest level of knowledgeable, friendly, and personal service. Our staff is devoted to matching you with a great book, puzzle, game or gift that will provide hours of entertainment.

Because half of the store is devoted to children, we are a great destination for gift buying and vacationing visitors. We choose our games and toys carefully for quality and value, and our puzzle lines are the best. 

We look forward to meeting you and sharing our passion with you and your family!

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They are passionate about reading and love sharing that with their young readers! They have devoted half of their store to the books, puzzles, games, and toys that children love. You'll find the latest in great books from infant to young adult as well as the classics that are great for every generation. Turtle Town is THE place to get a memorable gift for your young reader.

Looking for entertainment on a rainy day? Look no further! Young readers love to browse their endless collections and find the next series that will have them stuck in a book for the foreseeable future. Watch their Facebook page for updates on visiting authors and story-times throughout the summer.

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Turtle Town is your one stop for everything reading related. If you're looking to curl up with the latest best-seller or that autobiography you've heard so much about, they have it waiting for you. Or maybe you're not sure what you'd like to read next? Their helpful staff, many times the owners themselves, will help you find something that checks all the boxes. Come browse the aisles of books and gifts! You never know what you'll find!

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Turtle Town is packed with fun games and puzzles for the entire family. They also have a huge selection of toys and many of your favorite brands like Playmobil, Modarri, Hasbro, Schylling and many more!

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